Fair Boards, Rodeo Committees, and Stock Contractors:

3 D Rodeo Productions and Hooking WM Cattle Co. produce high quality, high
energy, fast paced bull riding and freestyle bullfights using world-class
personnel and livestock.

What can 3 D Rodeo Productions and Livestock do for you?

1) Put on an entire production of stand alone bull riding, or stand alone freestyle
bullfights with stock and personnel that will leave your fans screaming for more.

2) Bring years of World-class Professionalism to your event.

3) Add award winning comedy acts to your event with…
    Doug Munsell, PRCA Rodeo clown and Barrel man

4) Add world-class freestyle Bullfighting and cowboy protection with…
    Wacey Munsell 2x World Champion and 2X National Champion Freestyle

5) Sub-contract Bucking bulls to an existing event.  

6) Supply fighting bulls to your existing events.  
 Great way to Increase ticket sales!
We have the connections to bring world-class bullfighting talent to your events.

Want to make your event one to remember?  Make it a production instead of just
another rodeo or bull riding?  We would be glad to work with you to make your
event one your fans will talk about long after it is over!


Doug Munsell                       Wacey Munsell
3D Rodeo Productions                Hooking WM Cattle Co.
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Doug Munsell, Jr.
Wacey Munsell
Wacey Munsell
Doug Munsell, Jr.
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