It seems almost natural that Wacey Munsell become a bullfighter, as he is a third
    generation bullfighter following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and
    uncle.  Wacey has honed his bullfighting skills almost from the time he started
    walking using practically anything he could make an imaginary bull.  This
    included the family dogs, swing sets, a billy goat that butted his miniature clown
    barrel around, a ram that local show sheep breeders thought was too mean to
    handle, and sometimes nothing at all.  During this time he often tried mimicking
    the moves of three legendary bullfighters that he looked up to, those being the
    likes of Rex Dunn, Rob Smets, and Miles Hare.  Those imaginary bulls have
    become the real thing.

           Munsell of Ulysses, Kansas,
    at 24 years old already has over a
    decade of experience fighting
    bulls.  In the spring of 2004, a
    high school junior at that time was
    the youngest ever to be allowed on
    the Professional Bullfighters Tour
    and the World Championship
    Rodeo Bullfighters Tour, which is
    produced by Rex Dunn and
    Stanley Foster, at 17 years old.  
    Not only did he join the tours he
    ended up the 2004 World
    Champion freestyle bullfighter
    just eight days after his 18th
    birthday in October collecting a
    gold buckle.  He struck gold again
    in October 2006 claiming his
    second World Champion buckle.  
    In the fall of 2004, a high school
    senior, Wacey was approved for
    his PRCA bullfighters card and
    traveled to Las Vegas in December
    to compete in the famed Benny
    Binion WNFR Bucking Stock Sale
    bullfighting competition.  After
    the two-day competition he
    emerged the champion.  Wacey
    has been nominated twice to fight
    at the Kansas High School Finals
    Rodeo in 2004 and 2005.  In the
    summer of 2005 Wacey was
    invited to compete at the famed
    California Rodeo Salinas, in
    Salinas, California.  After the dust
    settled after the four-day
    competition he was named
    champion claiming the coveted
    Salinas buckle.  He repeated his
    performance in Salinas again in
    2006 receiving another buckle.  In
    2005 Wacey was invited to
    compete in the PBR Dickies
    National Bullfighting
    Championships, and later became
    the 2005 Co National Champion
    freestyle bullfighter with good
    friend and fellow Kansan Sam
    Once was not enough for Wacey, again invited to compete with the Dickies tour
    he emerged this time the stand alone National Champion.  Wacey also won the
    2007 Daisy Professional Bullfighters Tour World Championship with partner
    Sam Gress with their outstanding cowboy protection skills.  Wacey has been
    selected four years in a row to work the Dodge Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo at
    the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and at its
    new home in Wichita, Kansas in 2010.  Wacey has also been selected to work the
    National High School Finals Rodeo four years in a row, 2007-2010.  Wacey has
    worked many major PRCA rodeos across the United States in his young career.  
    He has fought in places like The National Western Rodeo in Denver, Colorado,
    The Sand Hills Rodeo in Odessa, Texas, The Fiesta De Los Vaqueros Rodeo in
    Tucson, Arizona, Rodeo Austin in Austin, Texas, The American Royal in Kansas
    City, Missouri, and the 2009 U.S. Smokeless PBR Challenger Tour Finals in
    Atlanta, Georgia.  Probably the most proud moment in Wacey’s career was when
    he was selected to fight at The Justin Boots Playoff Championships in Omaha,
    Nebraska in 2009 and 2010.  Wacey’s goals are to someday work the WNFR and
    PBR Finals.


    Wacey is a quality cowboy protector during the bull riding and one that bull
    riders trust to keep them safe, but he is a World Champion freestyle bullfighter
    so don’t take your eyes off of him after a bull rider leaves the arena , because
    this is when his fun begins as he will leave you on the edge of your seat with
    crowd thrilling and heart stopping freestyle bullfighting.  Get caught up in the
    action with Wacey Munsell, the new young gun in town and smoking hot!

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